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On Saturday, February 3rd 2019, the students at Butterfly Educational Centre presented a musical performance of the "King and I" all in English! It was a great show with plenty of singing and dancing! 

Butterfly Educational Centre is a private initiative that offers the impoverished children of Wat Damnak Village the ability to participate in various educational activities 100% free. Activities include English, Painting, Drawing, IT , Sewing Music and Traditional Dance classes. In addition to educating the village children, the centre aids their families and offers jobs to Cambodian locals.   

Butterfly Educational Centre aims to provide these children who are so eager to learn, additional educational opportunities which are not offered in state schools. By acquiring knowledge and different skills, the children have more of a chance to find better jobs allowing them to rise above a life of extreme poverty that they presently live in, giving them wings to fly towards a brighter future. 

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If you would like to purchase artwork and handicrafts made by the children visit the ARTWORK STORE.

Thank you for your support in giving Butterfly Children wings to fly!


BUTTERFLY EDUCATIONAL CENTRE is a completely independent initiative and thrives solely from private donations. If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause please use this link: 


HELP CHILDREN CAMBODIA consists of 3 separate projects which includes BUTTERFLY EDUCATIONAL CENTRE, ANA BANANA TUK-TUK SCHOOL and BUTTERFLY BOOKS MOBILE LIBRARY. There are 13 employees working together towards providing learning opportunities to the underprivileged children in and surrounding villages of Siem Reap.

OUR Vision

  • Provide educational opportunities that develop different skills in order to better prepare underprivileged children with capabilities to establish a life out of extreme poverty.

  • Create job opportunities to Cambodian people.

OUR Expectations

  • Discover new cultures and skills

  • Give them an opportunity to learn about other cultures

  • Open their minds, to be kind, and friendly

  • Learn more about hygiene.

How you can help?

Sponsor a Child

With your help underprivileged children receive free education and a chance to learn and develop skills not offered in public schools.

Only a monthly $10 USD or a yearly $120 USD can make a BIG difference!!!

Sponsors for the Rent and Electricity

We are running a free education centre in a rented house with a cost of $450 USD per month and monthly cost of  $60USD for electricity.

A small but significant amount of  €20 USD per month or $200 USD per year you can help us sustain his initiative and help to support the education 120 children enrolled at Butterfly Educational Center.

Donate a Computer or other Equipment

There are only 4 computers in the computer class. All the students are keen to learn computer skills but due to insufficient computers we are limited in providing all the children this opportunity.

A donation of  $300USD for a computer would allow for more children to learn IT skills.

What will you receive after your contribution?

  • A welcome letter from founder of Butterfly Educational Center, Ana Margarida Alberty

  • An introduction postcard from your sponsored child with a bit of his/her background story

If you interested in being a part of our center, please contact us at this address:

Wat Damnak Village, Salakamreok Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia