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All photos posted in this website were taken by Margarida Alberty and her daughter Vera Alves. 

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About Us

My name is  ANA Margarida Alberty and I've been a passionate teacher all my life, having founded my own language school in Estoril, Portugal.

In 2012 one of my ultimate dreams finally came true when I decided to take a month off and volunteer in Asia. I came across an organization called Real Gap Experience and right away I fell in love with Cambodia. 

I spent an amazing 4 weeks in Siem Reap, going to a local Orphanage every day, to teach English and Crafts to 30 lovely children, whom I fell in love with! 
Bridges Cambodia International (BCI-ORPHANAGE) became my second family far away from home... 

Since then I've been travelling to Cambodia twice a year and staying longer every time I go. 
As I am on my own, I always stay at a small Hotel in Siem Reap, (a 5 minute drive from downtown), called Angkor Spirit Palace Hotel. The staff are very friendly there and I always get Room 205. It's my home in Cambodia!

I spend my days travelling around with my TUK TUK  ENGLISH SCHOOL, as I think it's the best way to reach many families in the countryside and visit the orphanages.

I realized that the children in the rice fields and in the floating villages are really very, very poor, so underprivileged!  They live in very hard conditions, with no clothes, no beds, no adequate food and no access to learning. 
But they are all beautiful, always eager and happy to learn.

With my TUK TUK SCHOOL on wheels I enable learning to come to them as well as giving them a bit of joy and playful time. 
I bring them pencils, colouring books, crayons, stickers, story books, toys, clothes, food and a lot of catchy songs they learn in a flash. 
I teach them English and Arts !
I also teach sewing and buy sewing machines!

This is the most rewarding experience I've ever had in my life....and I wish other people could have it too...

The purpose of this website is to help you help me to help the Cambodian Children!

BUTTERFLY ART STUDIO is my newest project founded in February 2016.

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My Work

I 'm working hard to make this cause known, to reach out to other groups or individuals who share my vision. Whether you’re ready to lend a hand at my project, or have photos or articles to share about Cambodian children, here’s the place to do it.

Thank you!

ANA Margarida

In Cambodia, my name is only ANA!

I have just arrived from my 7th time in Cambodia, where I spent 2 months.

I will come back in January 2016

I hope to find some volunteers who want to carry on with my project while I'm not in Cambodia.

Thank you!

ANA Margarida Alberty  has dedicated over 30 years to making the learning of another language an enjoyable experience. She founded Margarida’s School in Estoril in 1981(  based around the development of her own unique method of teaching Portuguese,  Pois… Pois… Portuguese is Fun”. The school has earned a prestigious reputation and grown to helping around 600 students each year to learn 14 different languages. Margarida herself speaks 7. 

Besides teaching, and writing language books, Margarida has a passion for Art. She is a talented artist in her own right, running Art Workshops, and even opened a School of Performing Arts in Estoril, the Pátio dos Artistas where she says “Nothing pays the satisfaction of seeing happy children on stage and an audience with tears in their eyes”


The Cambodia Project


Then, in 2012, came a life-changing experience in Cambodia. Margarida had decided to take a month off to do volunteer work in Asia. After 4 weeks in Siem Reap, teaching English and Crafts every day to 30 lovely children of a local Orphanage, Margarida fell in love with both the children and Cambodia.  

She realised that the children in the rice fields and in the floating villages are really very, very poor, and underprivileged. They live in very hard conditions, with no clothes, no beds, no adequate food and no access to learning. But they are all beautiful and cheerful, always eager and happy to learn. Margarida tells of her first visit to a village where she laid out a few books on the floor. Soon there were 5 children looking at the books and she started to teach them. After a while she looked up and there were 10 children, then 15. She was asked if she was coming back the next day – and when she arrived there were over 30 smiling children waiting for her.

So now she is funding a TUK TUK school…for orphaned, very poor and abandoned children in Cambodia who cannot go to school. They have no access to learning, so she is enabling learning to come to them. She travels to Cambodia twice a year, staying longer every time. Of course, she needs help either to finance the project or through the provision of equipment, materials, even food, to expand the joy of learning to as many under-privileged children as possible. (Please see below if you can help).

Her days are spent travelling around with her TUK TUK ENGLISH SCHOOL, as it is the best way to visit the orphanages and reach many of the families in the countryside. TUK TUK SCHOOL on wheels teaches English and Arts! It brings learning to the children as well as providing a bit of joy and a playful time. 

Normally Margarida visits each village or orphanage 3 times per week, gives a 2 hour class, plays games and teaches songs. To teach them properly, she has written a series of books adapted to the reality of Cambodia.  She takes with her pencils, colouring books, crayons, stickers, story books, toys, clothes, food and a lot of catchy songs they learn in a flash.  

She also teaches Arts & Crafts:  sewing handbags, bottle carriers, aprons, purses and wallets, making postcards, notebooks, book markers, portraits and paintings. The purpose is to sell them and raise money to buy food, school uniforms, books and other things they need.  

She tells of the delight it is to see the joy on the children’s faces when they see the tuk-tuk coming:  “This is the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had in my life….and I wish other people could have it too… In Cambodia, my name is only ANA!  

To find out more about Ana’s inspiring project, or if you can help by volunteering or with funding through a donation have a look at the beautiful pictures on the website here:   

Each Book costs $1.50 to print in black and white

Join my tuk-tuk school project!

If you are new to this cause, I invite you to join me. I welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from friends and volunteers, new and old. 

If you wish to send a parcel or a package to my Hotel, here is the address:

Angkor Spirit Palace Hotel
att/ ANA Margarida Alberty Ventura

Room 205 
Phneachey Village, Svay Dangkom Commune,
Siem Reap

Kingdom of Cambodia. 

Thank you!


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