Help Children Cambodia

You can send anything you want to my Hotel in Cambodia.

I'll be delighted to get all kinds of art supplies, fabric, clothes, toys, story and colouring books, stickers, shampoo, tooth brushes, etc. and anything else you think of that could be useful.

Hotel Address:

Angkor Spirit Palace Hotel
Room 205 
att/ ANA Margarida Alberty Ventura
Phneachey Village, Svay Dangkom Commune,
Siem Reap
Kingdom of Cambodia.

Normal everyday items are very expensive for them to buy! So everything is more than welcome!

Because shipping costs might be high, you can always make donations through paypal. 

I will then buy the corresponding items over there or I can give the money to the people in need to buy food or pay for medical care. Let me know what you wish.

THANK YOU so much!


PS: Let me know when you send a package to inform the hotel.