We will be delighted to get all kinds of art supplies, fabric, clothes, toys, story and colouring books, stickers, shampoo, tooth brushes, etc. and anything else you think of that could be useful.

Normal everyday items are very expensive for them to buy! So everything is more than welcome!

If you wish to support Butterfly Educational Centre, PAY PAL ME  is a quick and easy way to make your donation and make Butterfly children's dreams come true. 

Butterfly Educational Centre

Give Children Wings to Fly

How you can help?

Sponsor a Child

With your help underprivileged children receive free education and a chance to learn and develop skills not offered in public schools.

Only a monthly $10 USD or a yearly $120 USD can make a BIG difference!!

Sponsor a computer

There are only 4 computers in the computer class. All the students are keen to learn computer skills but due to insufficient computers we are limited in providing all the children this opportunity.

A donation of  $300USD for a computer would allow for more children to learn IT skills.

What will you receive after your contribution?

  • A welcome letter from founder of Butterfly Educational Center, Ana Margarida Alberty
  • An introduction postcard from your sponsored child with a bit of his/her background story